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Plastic Machines

Molding machines

Injection molding machine, Extrusion equipment, Blow molding machine, Thermoforming machine (Vacuum forming, Pressure forming), Compression molding machine, Inflation molding machine, Calendering forming apparatus, Powder molding machine, Composite molding technology, Foam molding machine, Centrifugal molding equipment, FRP molding related equipment, Stereolithography/Rapid Prototyping Equipment, and other molding machines, etc.

Molding related equipment / Peripheral devices

Take-out robot, Related industrial robot, Raw material mixing/supplying equipment (Hopper, Loader, Mixer, Quantitative mixing and feeding equipment, etc.), Automatic gate cutting equipment, Monitoring system, Array apparatus, Boxing related equipment, Others Press, Book, Research, Consulting, Data, etc. Conveyor, Take-up/winding device, Roll temperature controller, Raw material dryer, Centrifugal extractor, Crusher/Grinder, Automatic color changing device, Degassing equipment, Gas equipment, Lubrication system, Annealing machine, Pelletizer, Pellet sorter, Foreign substance removal apparatus, Automatic release agent sprayer, Hydraulic equipment, Transport/Supply system, Computer‐aided software, and other molding-related equipment, etc.

Secondary processing machines

Junction device (Hot air welding machine, Heat sealer, Impulse sealer, High-frequency welder, Ultrasonic welder, Friction welder, Laser welder, etc.), Surface decoration device (Hot stamping device, etc.), Printer, Coating machine/Plating, Machining equipment (Polishing machine, Grinding machine, Cutting machine, Punching press, Deburring machine, Die cutting machine, Laser processing machine, Hole punching machine, Engraving machine), etc.

Molding machine parts / Accessories

Cylinders, screws, Heaters, Hydraulic equipment, Blowers, Filters, Extruders parts/Accessories, Motors, Rolls, Nozzles, Oil cleaners, Insulating board, Connectors/Joints/Hoses, Valves, Gears, Clamps, Ball screws, Roller screws, Bolts/Nuts, Bearings, Laser generators, Robot parts, etc.

Polymerization / Compound equipment

Extruder, Kneader, Granulator, Pelletizer, Pump, Compressor, Meter, Automatic weighing system, Cooler, Dryer, Various sensors, Various analyzers, etc.


Plastic 3D Molding / Processing

Molding equipment, devices, peripheral equiment / Technology

AM, 3D printer, 3D scanner, 3D CAD, Laser processing machine, Stereolithography, CT/MRT/Image processing equipment, Surface treatment, Finishing, Printing equipment, Mold making equipment/Technology, Service bureau, Lightweight structure technology, Microtechnology, etc.

Materials for 3D printers

Resin materials, Ceramic materials, Metal materials, Composite/Functional materials, etc.


3D visualization, 3D graphic/Modeling software, CAD/CAM system, CT/MRT/Image processing system, Simulation system, etc.

Evaluation/Measurement / Control devices

Three-dimensional measuring device, Simulator, Laser measuring/Calibrator, Optical measuring technology, Various sensors, Various measuring device, Display system, etc.


Raw Materials / Additives

Resin raw materials, Recycled materials, Rubber, Compounding agents/Additives (Fillers, Flame retardants, Antistatic agents, Antioxidants, Stabilizers, Plasticizers, Colorants, etc.), Purging agents, Raw materials for high-performance plastic, Functions materials, Coating materials, Resin compounds, Foamed resins, Special purpose resins, etc.



Carbon fiber base material (PAN type, Pitch type), Carbon fiber composite material (CFRP, CFRTP, GFRP, KFRP, etc.), FRP resin, Autoclave device, Other FRP molding machine, Flame retardant/Hardener/Filler and various additives, Processing technology for FRP (Cutting, Trimming, Drilling, etc.), Three-dimensional measuring machine, Oven/Curing furnace, FRP molded product, Finished product, etc.


Eco-friendly Plastics (Environmental Load Reduction Materials)

Biodegradable plastic、Plant-based plastic、CO₂ reduction plastic、Cellulose nanofiber、Recycled plastic etc.


Recycling / Waste Treatment Related Machines / Devices

Plastic recycler, Waste plastic grinder/Crusher, Washing device, Sorter/Separator, Dehydrator, Drying device, Melting device, Regenerated pellet manufacturing device, Volume reduction device, Fixing device, Oil reduction device, Incineration equipment, Collection service, etc.


Factory Equipment / Smart Factory Related Machines / Devices

Factory air conditioning equipment, Dust removal equipment, Material handling equipment, Static eliminator, Water treatment equipment, Automation systems, Blast machines, Boilers, lubricants, etc. Production management/Systems, Communication equipment/Systems, Factory energy, Development support software, Service, etc.


Measuring Devices / Control Devices

Thickness gauge, Dimensional measuring device, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Hardness meter, Viscometer, Pressure gauge, Moisture meter, Hydrometer, Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Torque rheometer, Various testing machines, Inspection equipment, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Controller, etc.


Mold Related Equipment / Materials

Molds, Mold parts, Mold processing machines, Mold temperature controllers, Hot runner devices, Mold materials, Mold processing machine tools, CAD/CAM, Mold sensors, Mold design software, Storage shelves, etc.



Daily necessities, Office supplies, Electric parts, Automobile parts, Industrial products, Ultra-precision molded products, Industrial materials, Civil engineering/Building supplies, Packaging supplies, Medical/Safety supplies, Energy related parts, Information and communication equipment related parts, Optical parts, Decorations/Advertising products, Tubes/Hoses, Plates, Sheets, Tubes, Rods, Profiles, Films, Adhesives/Solvents, Anti-virus products (Face shields, Acrylic partitions, Masks, Protective clothing, Protective goggles, Non-contact items), Other plastic related products, etc.



Press, Book, Research, Consulting, Data, etc.