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Booth Details


Basic Booth Size

1 Booth: W2,970mm × D2,970mm × H2,700mm

Inline Booth

1)Comes with a back wall, side walls and protruding company name plates.

2)Back and side walls will be white system panels.

3)For corner booths, there will be no partition wall facing the aisle unless the exhibitor requests as such.

Peninsula Booth < 4 + units >

1)Partition wall and protruding company name plate.
2)The partition wall will be a white system panel.

Island Booth < 6 + units >

1)Space only, no partitions.
2)Protruding company name plates could be installed based on the exhibitor’s request after the completion of their booth decoration.

Rental Booth Package

This simple decoration package enables exhibitors to save exhibit costs. Please contact the overseas agent if you are interested.